Art lovers are going to be happy on the second week of September (8-14.9.): a famous turkish artist couple, Hikmet and Füsun Barutçugil, will have an exhibition in Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki. The exhibition is free of charge for visitors.

The ambassador of Turkey, Adnan Başağa, have invited Barutçugil’s to Helsinki as a part of celebration of the 90th year of friendship and co-operation between Turkey and Finland.

The Barutçugils represent two different traditional turkish art forms, Ebru and Tezhib. Hikmet Barutçugil is one of the most famous Ebru artists in the world. Füsun Barutçugi is a master in Tezhib, an antique and decorative calligraphy.

Ebru is an ancient turkish form of art, where the artist writes on the surface of water and transfers it to paper. This style of art also called marbling. Ebru can be described as patient, elegant and unique form of art. Marbling has been used to decorate books and papers for centuries.

Hikmet Barutçugil has held 99 personal exhibitions in 40 countries and 96 joint exhibitions. You can see live how Hikmet Barutçugil works with Ebru on Tuesday 9.9. and Wednesday 10.9. at 12:00, on Friday 12.9. and Saturday 13.9. at 16:00 at Kaapelitehdas.

Tezhib means to transfer something into gold or to cover something with golden leaves. Gold and paint are the most important elements of this art form. Tezhib has long traditions and it is said that 15th and 16th centuries were the golden ages for this art form. The best examples of Tezhib is said to be found on the front and back of Koran. Füsun Barutçugil has held several personal exhibitions in Turkey and abroad.

A piece of Turkey in Kaapelitehdas, welcome!

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The exhibition is open 8-14.9. from 10 am to 6 pm.

Address: Kaapelitehdas, Tallberginkatu 1 c 15, 00180, Helsinki

More information:

Turkin valtion kulttuuri- ja matkailutoimisto

Mikonkatu 6 C 18, 00100 Helsinki


Puh. +358 9 682 9150