An art book Transparency by a Turkish artist Melek Mazici has been chosen as one of the most beautiful books of the year 2014. The Finnish Book Art Committee awarded it a honorary mention and took it in its Most Beautiful Books 2014 collection.

The jury described Transparency as follows: ”Book like the silence, with nothing in excess. Print-wisely demanding works of light and surface reproduce surprisingly well, conveying their ethereal nature without pressure. Empty space breathes, everything is in moderation.” The book has been published by Parvs Publishing, and the graphic design has been made by Mirka Kolehmainen.

Transparency portrays Mazici’s latest work. Born in Istanbul and lived in Finland since 1981, the artist describes her paintings as ”delicate and dreamlike”. ”The forms and colour of my work emerge from my subconscious, where there are memories and long forgotten feelings and states of mind”, says Mazici. In her art the colours are from Turkey, the mood from Finland.

The Finnish Book Art Committee chooses the Most Beautiful Book of the Year annually. Honorary mentions are handed out to 24 other books. The aim of the Finnish Book Art Committee is to draw attention to the book as an artistic whole. In its evaluation the Committee focuses on typographic characteristics, materials, technical realisation and overall impression of the layout. In Finland the Most Beautiful Books of the Year have been chosen annually since 1947