Matka Fair is the biggest travel fair in the Northern Europe. Being a partner country interests many wishing to reach Nordic travelers. Partner country negotiations take often several years. The chosen country must interest Nordic travelers and the infrastructure serving tourism must be well-established. Turkey has participating Matka fair for 6 years and it is honored for hosting the 2017 event.

“We send our condolences to people and their families involved with the attack over the weekend. We feel that it is even more important to tell now Finns about our country and being nominated as partner country at the Matka travel fair is a great honor. Although Finns were the first tourist group in Marmaris in the 80s and they know the region, we still have many places that are unknown to Finns, also trendy sports holiday possibilities. So being at the Matka this year is very important to us”, says Arzu Emel Yildiz, the Attaché of the Turkey Tourism Board.

Turkey’s tourism situation is interesting many. “We are still awaiting the official figures. For what we know from Finnish operators, their allotment for 2016 was smaller when compared to 2015. Because of this, the numbers will be naturally smaller. However, nearly all, if not all, trips to Turkey were sold, so from this point of view, year 2016 was in fact delivering what was expected”.

“Year 2016 was exceptional all involved with tourism business in Europe. We recommend to follow Finnish Foreign Ministry’s travel advice and fill in the travel notification when going abroad”, summarizes Ms Yildiz.