Atmospheric Dalyan is a relaxed and unspoilt nature paradise. Small city is situated on the southwest coast between Marmaris and Fethiye. Its is surrounded by green valleys and breathtaking mountains. Dalyan means a fishing trap. The old fishing village was built along the Dalyan Delta and today its famous for its three turtle species. Once per year endangered giant turtle specie called Caretta Caretta nest on the famous beach of İztuzu.

The romance of this place is the Dalyan river. From the city harbour, journey in a gaily-painted boat flows to east along twisting river to the sandy beach of Iztuzu. Speciality of Dalyan, Mud Baths are located nearby.  There is a belief that by bathing in a mud reliefs rheumatism and skin problems. Travelling towards to Mediterranean to the west, one can visit historical old city of Caunos and Rock Tombs which are seen in the movie of The African Queen filmed at fiftees.

Compering to the other holiday destinations in Turkey, Dalyan is small and quiet. It’s unspoilt by mass tourism and one can enjoy the slow rythm of local people. Night life is also quiet but the river side is full of atmospheric local restaurants and pubs.

Dalaman airport is half and hour drive away. Aurinkomatkat organizes trips to Dalyan.