Streat Helsinki 2015 will be held on March 16th to March 22nd. A full week dedicated to street food and food culture will bring together food enthusiasts from all over the world to spread the word of street culinarism, in Helsinki, Finland, of course.

Streat Helsinki will receive its most Eastern guest from Turkey, when famous Turkish chef Arda Türkmen will arrive to host workshops for food lovers. Arda will host one workshop for professionals and one for public on Friday the 20th of March. More info on the workshops.

Arda Türkmen is an ambassador for Turkish cuisine. His cooking show on tv called Arda’nin Mutfagi (meaning Arda’s kitchen) reaches thousands of Turkish viewers weekly. Arda has also a strong fanbase on social media: on Facebook almost 500 000, on Instagra almost 264 000 fans and on Twitter over 70 000 friend of Turkish cuisine follow him. As a chef Arda is known to translate the traditional Turkish delicacies into recipes that anyone can make at home. Attendees of Arda’s workshop will receive a booklet with Arda’s suggestions on Turkish street food recipes.

Arda will also shoot his show from his travels in Helsinki. Keep your eyes open for a joyful Turkish group!

You can find Arda on social media


Instagram: @ardaturkmen

Twitter: @arda_turkmen

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