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Fethiye: a seaside location which gives new meaning to the color turquoise possessing the most beautiful beaches and islands of the Aegean region and a holiday paradise with stunning nature and impressive historical sites.

It is assumed that Fethiye, often referred to as “the untouched virgin of the Land of Lights,” was established in the 5th century B.C. The city which was formerly known as Telmessos used to be one of the most important residential areas of Lycia.

Furthermore, Fethiye was also a center of prophecy and one of the most cultivated cities of the Roman and Byzantine periods.

The city which took the name Meğri after its subordination to the Ottomans in 1424 was renamed as Fethiye in memory of martyr pilot Fethi Bey in 1934.

Fethiye, is a district of Muğla Province with a typical Mediterranean climate. The weather is hot and dry in the summer and mild and rainy in the winter. Moreover, the town offers many vacation and past time options including magnificent holiday resorts, a variety of cultural heritages, as well as a series of sport facilities such as paragliding and scuba diving.

The ancient city is almost like an open-air museum with a wide range of historical monuments and archaeological sites and fascinates visitors with its natural beauties.

Do not miss the chance to explore this corner of paradise on earth!