Finnish pop artist Isac Elliot’s fan base is growing rapidly abroad. Impromptu tour takes him to selected European capitals, including Istanbul, where he performs 1.4.2018. In fact, Elliot sang his way to the hearts of Turkish fans already in 2015.

Isan Elliot’s pop-up tour in Europe started already in February him visiting Riga and Copenhagen. Performance in Istanbul in 1.4.2018 is his tour’s third concert. His visit includes also visiting some of the historical sites. Spring is already taking over Istanbul, where the town celebrates among other Tulip Festivals.

Music has always been global phenomena, nowadays even more so, due to new technology and applications that help to stream music widely. Supertalented Isac Elliot was invited to perform to his Turkish fans already in 2015. Istanbul is again part of his tour agenda.

“Istanbul was my first real show outside of Scandinavia back in 2015. It was so amazing to see and meet all the fans. I did not know what to expect at all. This time around I have gotten a lot of messages online and I am super happy to see how much the fans are waiting for this show. It will be one fun afternoon. Can’t wait to play them some old song, some new songs and then meet them after the show. Will bring the fans some small gifts as well. We are going all in for the Turkish fans!” says Isac Elliot sending his greetings to fans joining the concert. “I love Istanbul. It is such a beautiful and interesting city with amazing people and excellent food.

Isac Elliots’ free Pop-up show and Meet&Greet in Istanbul, April 1st at 17.00, fD&R Trump AVM. His concert will consists of songs from his new album “Faith”.

Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been supporting Elliot’s tour’s Istanbul visit.