The photo exhibition ”Turkey from 1 000 feet” has toured around the large cities of the world and is now arriving in Helsinki. The photographer Alp Alper has assembled an exhibition that displays the iconic views of Turkey shot from the air. Before Helsinki, Alper’s work has been admired e.g. in Berlin, London, Paris, Beijing, São Paolo and in New York. The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey and the Counsellor Office for Cultural Affairs and Promotion displays the exhibition in Sanomatalo during 3.–12.6.2016. The exhibition is open to public and it is free of charge.

The photography production for the “Turkey from 1 000 feet” exhibition involved more than 5 years and 2 000 photos taken in different parts of Turkey. During those years Alper had over 50 volunteers to his aid. In addition, he consulted archaeologists and historians to find out the stories behind the scenery. In some parts of Turkey, the historically valuable buildings, such as churches, were even used as cattle sheds. With his work, Alper wishes to remind people about the importance of protecting cultural heritage.

”I wish that all the friends of Turkey and photography may become inspired by my work. I also wish that the photos will encourage people to protect the surrounding natural treasures that belong to our mutual cultural heritage”, says Alp Alper.

Experience Turkey from the bird perspective

The photography project for the ”Turkey from 1 000 feet” exhibition began in the Anatolian region that included e.g. some mountainous scenery in Cappadocia. The exhibition also includes photos from Istanbul and from the shores of both Aegean sea and Black sea.

“The scenery in Turkey seems very much like mosaic whether you look at it from the air of from the ground. During the photoshoots we used different methods to approach the destinations – during the sunrise we flew with hot air balloon and sometimes we went on a high hill or took photos from a paraglider. We even flew with a microlight and a helicopter”, says Alp Alper describing his team’s work during the photoshoots.

”We fell in love with our country while experiencing the Turkish mountains, seas and low lands from way up high like a birds – the wind on our faces and in our hearts”, Alper continues.

Originally from Ankara, Alp Alper (born in 1965) has been involved with photography since his childhood. The inspiration for his “Turkey from 1 000 feet” exhibition goes way back to year 1999, when Turkey experienced a rough earthquake. This initiated the idea to portray the diverse natural destinations of Turkey. Having previously worked for Turkish Airlines, Alper has acknowledged for his work as photographer and has also worked for the National Geographic. Besides the photoshoot projects, he has produced two documentaries of Turkey and published three photography books: Turkey from 1 000 feet, Dreamscape Turkey ja 4 Seasons Istanbul.