The city of Datça in Mugla county in western Turkey will host the 85th international F.I.C.C (Fédération Internationale de Camping, Caravanning et Autocaravaning) Rally from May 17th to May 26th 2017.

The event once again brings together camping, caravanning and motor-caravanning enthusiasts from all over the world. The event has a long history since it has been organized annually since 1933. Finland has also acted as a host for the event on four occasions: the event was held in Tampere in 1981, Joensuu in 1994, Oulu in 2004 and Pori in 2014.  At the gathering of 2014 the participants voted of the location of 2017 event.  Many Turkish caravanners have in previous gatherings travelled to Finland all the way from Turkey and now Finns have the perfect opportunity to pay a visit to Turkey for a change.

This year caravaners are invited to the beautiful area of Datça that in ancient times was known as Knidos. There are many historical structures that still remain for people to admire such as the Temple of Apollo, the churches in the eastern and western harbours and an amphitheater than can hold as many as 8 000 people. At the same time delicious Aegean cuisine offers lots of choices for travelers that enjoy tasty culinary experiences.

In addition to the fascinating history Datça is also famous for its mesmerizing nature.Its 235 km long coastline, 52 coves and rich flora and fauna are sure to make a memorable impression to anyone. Close by are also Ephesus and Pamukkale, both of which are listed as Unesco World Heritage sites.

The actual Aktur camping site where the event is held is situated between two bays, in a pine-tree forest along the road between Marmaris and Datca. There are lots of interesting program organized for people attending the rally.The participation fees are 120 euros for adults and 60 euros for children between 12-17 years old. Children younger than 12 years old attend free of charge.

Additional information of the event: