Yle’s Uusi päivä drama serial offered new kind of entertainment for its followers on the summer break. An artistic character Anni Malinen went to Northern Turkey for the summer to get to know her father and relatives from her father’s side. You’ve been able to follow her adventures on her Puolet minusta (Half of me) blog.

Malinen, played by Anette Aghazarian, has told in her blog that her dad’s family lives in a city called Trabzon located by the Silk Road. The city has become familiar with the followers, thanks to blog and video blog posts. This port city by the Black Sea hasn’t been a well-known destination among the Finns, but the historic city does have relations to Finland – Kuopio is Trabzon’s twin city.

Anni Malinen got to know also the city of Istanbul besides Trabzon. Especially historical Sultanahmet area impressed her a lot. During the summer there have been photos and descriptions of Istanbul in her blog, Instagram account and Facebook page.

”The video shoot in Turkey made it possible for us to get unique content, which made Anni’s blog authentic and successful. The tourism board of Turkey helped us finding proper shooting locations and creating important contacts to locals. We managed to produce versatile content during the video shoot trip, which is why we could bring a new dimension to Anni’s special story. New narrative ways are becoming more popular and that’s why we want to offer multimedia content to be followed in different platforms online”, Salla-Rosa Leinonen, the web producer of Uusi päivä summarizes.

It’s possible to get more insights of Trabzon area and Istanbul on TV when Uusi päivä returns from its summer break on Monday 25.8. There will be two episodes about Anni Malinen’s Turkey adventures, 1.9. and 30.9. but the discussion about Turkey and Turkish culture will continue throughout the fall.

Uusi päivä on Yle TV2 channel from Monday till Wednesday at 8 pm starting on Mon 25th of August.

Anni Malisen’s blog: http://annimalinen.blogspot.fi/
Anni Malinen’s Instagram account: http://instagram.com/animalinen
Uusi päivä: http://yle.fi/aihe/uusi-paiva