Turkey is a versatile destination and it suits very well for also those who are travelling abroad for the very first time. It’s easy to travel to Turkey: the price level is inexpensive and Turkish people are very friendly. According to TripAdvisor Istanbul is once again the most visited city of Turkey, but the country has also many nature sites.

In My First Holiday tv-show viewers get to travel to different destinations with participants that have never before been abroad. This autumn in Finlands My First Holiday Turkey was involved in two episodes that took place in Dalyan and UNESCO World Heritage Site Pamukkale.

Laura Mäkipere from Ulvila fell in love with Pamukkale at the first sight. Turkey in general also made a positive impact on her.


Laura Mäkipere ja Tuomo Kuivala Turkissa Ummikot ulkomailla -sarjassa.

– I don’t think Turkey is any more dangerous than any other country in Europe. People there live their ordinary everyday life. Turkey was a positive surprise for me, Laura says.

Language wasn’t an issue, since English is spoken in the biggest destinations of Turkey. In tourist favourite Kusadasi Turkish people even knew some Finnish. In smaller villages gestures and body language worked perfectly fine.
– Local people were friendly and helpful. When one speaks Finnish and the other one speaks Turkish, something will always be accomplished! Turkey is a good choice for less experienced travellers, Laura encourages.

Here a a few useful tips by Laura for first-time travellers!

  • Take a friend that has travelled before with you. It feels safer to travel with someone rather than do it alone.
  • Ask for help. Nobody knows how airports work when they are travelling for the first time. Nobody will think you are stupid for asking.
  • Concquer your fears! Many people are afraid of flying, but isn’t scarier than travelling by bus or train. You will have people sitting next to you that will help help you if help is needed.
  • Learn the most common courtesies. It is always nice to be able to say Thank you etc. in countrys own language.
  • Look for interesting sights beforehand – you dont want to be stuck in you hotel your whole trip. But don’t get too greedy – the purpose of a vacation is not to make you exhausted.
  • Get yourself a local Prepaid-phone – with it you can look for sights or translate the language without getting a huge phone bill.
  • Enjoy of your trip!