Next year’s International Horticultural Expo will be organized in Antalya, Turkey. EXPO 2016 Antalya marks the first time Turkey has gotten the honor to host an EXPO. The event brings together experts and professionals of the horticultural industry, sustainable development and ecological environment fields from around the world. EXPO 2016 Antalya will be held from April to October and is estimated to attract over 8 million guests worldwide.

The theme for the upcoming Expo is “Flowers and Children” along with the motto “A Green Life for Future Generations”. The main focus of the event is on offering children a unique opportunity to learn about natural resources, sustainable development and ecological options.

– With the theme we want to encourage future generations to develop and share solutions for the problems caused by the urban lifestyle. The motto of the event ”A Green Life for Future Generations” crystallizes this objective, says Ms. Arzu Emel Yildiz, attaché for the Counsellor Office for Cultural Affairs and Promotion of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey.

Green life for future generations is created in Antalya in concrete ways. One target is to plant 25 000 trees at the exposition grounds before the event kicks off. The growth of the trees can be followed during the event, after which the trees will continue to enrich the Antalyan nature. In August, Elijah Wood, known as Frodo Baggins of the Lord of the Rings, planted the 15,000th sapling. Many others from around the world have joined him: among others 20 local preschoolers together with Antalya’s governor Muammer Türker, a German DJ PH Electro, and a Russian pop rock band Serebro.

Held in Aksu, Antalya, the exposition offers a unique opportunity to get an insight in horticulture and sustainable development in innovative ways. The 114 meters hig EXPO Tower gives an amazing view over the beautiful Antalyan landscape, the indoor gardens bring parts of world’s different flora under one roof and the 180 meters long biodiversity track guides the guests through Turkey’s phytogeographical regions. Children can explore an island designed especially for them, where learning has been transformed into fun child’s play. A portion of the exposition’s energy will be supplied by the water mill constructed at the site.

EXPO 2016 Antalya’s subthemes are History, Biodiversity, Sustainability and Green Cities. The event is organized in order to support ecological and natural agriculture, add knowledge of the environment and help find alternative energy sources and solutions for environmental issues.

Responsible for the EXPO 2016 Antalya is Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), the Intergovernmental Organization in charge of overseeing and regulating international expositions and fairs. The most famous BIE Expos are the World Expos, held since 1851. The previous International Horticultural Expo was organized in 2012 in Venlo, Netherlands.

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